Profesorado en Ense�anza Media en Ingl�s


  • To professionally qualify teachers in the field of English Language Teaching.
  • To contribute to the process of the teaching and learning of the English language at the secondary level in Guatemala.
  • To develop and secure in the graduate the ELT abilities and skills, general attitudes and habits, and values that permit him/her to respond with commitment, conviction, and dedication to the English language needs of the Guatemalan student population.


The ELT Teachers:
  • Applies language concepts, structures, and conventions of the English language in the teaching / learning context.
  • Creates an effective and efficient ELT learning environment.
  • Promotes and enhances students‘ English language development based on the processes of first- and second-language acquisition.
  • Plans and implements effective classroom instruction using appropriate ELT methods and techniques.
  • Facilitates the English language student‘s learning of academic content, language, and culture.
  • Uses assessment results to plan and adapt instruction.
  • Facilitates the learner‘s English communication and appreciation for his/her own culture.
  • Reflects upon and improves instructional practice by keeping abreast of current instructional techniques, research results, and advances in the field.

Structure of the curriculum

  • General Education
  • English Language Education
  • Psychopedagogic
  • Linguistics

Curricular axes
  • Critical Thinking
  • Social Responsibility
  • Values
  • Research
  • Responsibility with the natural environment
  • Entrepreneurship


Student-centered, meaningful learning with emphasis on interactive learning in pairs and groups


  • Projects
  • Debates
  • Portfolios
  • Poster Sessions
  • Interviews
  • Essays
  • Self- reflective tasks
  • Problem-solving tasks
  • Surveys
  • Oral presentations

Areas of excellence

  • English Language Teaching
  • Linguistics
  • Culture